Hero Dino: Idle RPG

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Hero Dino: Idle RPG

Idle Hero RPG Adventure: Fight with Hero Dino with powerful skills and friends!

Name Hero Dino: Idle RPG
Compatible with 7.1
Version 1.1.2
Genre Adventure
Publisher Ltd., NLABSOFT Co., NLABSOFT Co., Ltd.
Google Play Link com.nlabsoft.idlegame.HeroDino
Whats New +
[1.1.2] Update1) Premium Pass Quest Issue fixed - Fixed an error that prevented users from receiving new Premium Pass quest.
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Fight with "Hero Dino," a captivating epic Idle RPG game. Lead legendary Dino, use powerful skills, and collect powerful items. Defeat enemies with devastating attacks and earn abundant rewards. Team up with strong friends, conquer raid bosses, and level up quickly. Progress even when you're not playing through idle gameplay.

Endless contents are waiting for you! Power up your epic Hero Dino and challenge all the special quests.
With strong epic Dino friends and powerful skills, hunt the strong Boss of the enemies and treasure of them. You will get plentiful rewards and gold!


-Assemble a team of mighty Dino’s friends to aid you in your quest.

-Unlock and recruit more legendary heroes with unique abilities to form the ultimate dinosaur dream team.


-Unleash the power and upgrade Dino’s abilities by fighting the enemies to save the Dino town.

-Collect powerful equipment and gear to enhance their stats and optimize their performance in the fight.

-With each level gained, Dino will become the hero of the war.


-Conduct special quests and challenge to earn exclusive rewards.

-Upgrade your Dino and Play all the contents in the game to get plentiful rewards.

-These rewards will help to upgrade Dino’s power rapidly.

4.Roll the dice and get epic items

-Roll the dice to move forward and acquire various items.

-Use the items to enhance the weapons and armor of Dino and friends.

5.Enjoy RPG action and auto Idle battle

-Create your own powerful Avengers team and become an action hero!

-Even when your phone is resting, even when you’re offline, your heroes engage in the battle!
-Your idle heroes will defeat the diligent villains!
– Experience the thrill of an AFK gaming adventure!

Introducing Hero Dino, the brave hero dinosaur who battles against humans threatening the world of dinosaurs. Engage in epic fights and conquer the relentless enemies that stand in your way. Utilize the thrilling draw game system to acquire powerful skills, equipment, and allies. Strengthen your attack power every day to overcome the increasingly formidable dungeon bosses.

Each dinosaur has its own strong skin. Defeat human enemies and conquer the ultimate boss in each stage. Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of Hero Dino and unleash your inner hero!

Download now this Idle RPG game on Google Play Store and join the ranks of fearless heroes in the battle against humanity. Unleash the power of the Hero Dino and rewrite the fate of the dinosaur world!

Enjoy this easy and addictive RPG AFK game!

Music Director – Sooyoung Kim (KREMS)
Composed by DongDongDong Trio
Piano Dongwook Kim, Dongyeon Kim,
Bass Donghwi Kim

Download Hero Dino: Idle RPG v.1.1.2
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